Last year, Winnipeg spent $253,658,607 to pay police officers, up from $204,918,425 in 2013. « Community safety spending should go to groups other than the police, » she said. « They took money from me and increased the budget of the police department, although there is growing evidence that this is not an effective strategy, » she said. Some of Winnipeg`s highest-paid public sector workers are police officers. The association filed the complaint in November 2019 after the city attempted to make changes to the defined benefit pension plan. The changes included increasing employee contributions from eight per cent to 11.5 per cent and reducing employer contributions from 18.48 per cent to 11.5 per cent, both over a five-year period. READ ALSO: Winnipeg Police Union Warns of Lawsuits, Retirement of Public Servants After Pension Changes Until the Contracts of the Cup and Police Association are ratified, the city still has several unions without a labour agreement. Civilians and cadets will assume more duties from uniformed officers under the labour agreement between Winnipeg and its police union. Documents show that Winnipeg is paying more for smaller numbers of police officers. However, body cameras for Winnipeg police officers are anything but a guarantee, with Smyth saying Thursday that he was « open to the idea » but warned of the high overall cost. « They have taken money out of our community`s after-school program for hundreds of children and youth, » she told Winnipeg board members and police chief, noting that other initiatives, including literacy programs and homework support, have received reduced funding. In addition, he accepted the association`s submission for decades of negotiating history.

« Why did the city negotiate with the union over years of negotiations to get its approval when it could make unilateral changes to the plan? The reason for this is that they felt they did not have the right to make these changes. However, the police will receive a 2.49% pay rise this year. This increase will increase to 2.61% in 2018, then fall to 1.63% in 2019, 1.61% in 2020, then 1.59% in the last year of the contract. WINNIPEG, MB: In response to a unilateral and arbitrary attack by Mayor Brian Bowman and the City of Winnipeg administration on their collective agreement, the Winnipeg Police Association (WPA) has filed a complaint to protect the interests of its members and their families. .