On November 15, 2018, three days before the arrests and a week before the scheduled release of his debut album Dummy Boy, 6ix9ine unexpectedly announced on Instagram that he had fired his entire team, including his management. He also canceled his upcoming tour and said, « Anyone who books shows for Tekashi 6ix9ine is stealing your fucking money. » [6] The prosecutor`s letter on Hernandez`s availability dates from the plea he negotiated earlier this year. The details of Tekashi 6ix9ines Plea Deal are now public, and it looks like it can get the best deal. Much less than the minimum sentence for a shipment of crime boats. 6ix9ine was arrested in November along with five other men on the federal indictment. A number of other men have been arrested and charged as part of the gang. In October 2018, 6ix9ine was sentenced to two years of probation and 1,000 hours of community service after pleading guilty to federal blackmail and gun charges. [4] To celebrate that they were released instead of a prison sentence, 6ix9ine had dinner with a music director in New York. His entourage was not let in by the police, which led to a fight that ended in the shooting of a person. Two members of 6ix9ine`s entourage have been indicted for gang robbery. 6ix9ine`s manager, Shotti, later surrendered on November 7, 2018 regarding the fight and was also charged with gang attack. [5] After his arrest, 6ix9ine was denied bail and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Subsequently, he changed his pleading to guilt after agreeing to an agreement with law enforcement on February 1, 2019. The admission of guilt led 6ix9ine to admit guilt and testify against his co-defendants,[3] as well as to cooperate fully and persevere in not committing further crimes, in exchange for a reduction in the length of imprisonment; December 18, 2019. 6ix9ine was sentenced to two years in prison, paid a fine of 35,000 $US, served five years of supervised release after being made public and performed 1,000 hours of community service. 6ix9ine ultimately avoided a possible minimum sentence of 47 years. 6ix9ine was originally scheduled to be published on November 18, 2020, although 6ix9ine, as claimed by his lawyer Lance Lazzaro, was published prematurely. Its new publication date has been set for August 2, 2020, although it has been reported that it could be published as early as July 31, 2020. On April 14, 2020, however, Federal Judge Paul Englemayor ordered that 6ix9ine serve the remainder of his sentence in house arrest the very next day, as he suffers from asthma, making him particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Tekashi 6ix9ine has confirmed that he will turn against his former gang members in order to reduce possible prison sentences for extortion. Tekashi 6ix9ine`s collaboration with the Feds has been « both incredibly significant and extremely helpful » in its blackmail proceedings against its former Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods associates, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney`s Office said Wednesday in its formal recommendation for a reduced sentence for the 23-year-old polarizing rapper. The inside of the gang was discovered by 6ix9ine – and another ex-gang member, Kristian Cruz. .

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