The practice of the market is that if the rental amount is less than S $3500, a half-month commission is paid. Boring aspects of renting in Singapore by r/singapore Due to cultural norms and public housing policy, Singapore`s rental market tends to be very expat. This is the reason why most leases contain a withdrawal clause – also known as a diplomatic clause or minimum rental term. These are the typical conditions of an exit clause: while the option to renew the clause is granted at the beginning of the lease, it can only be exercised by the tenant at the end of the lease. […] the deposit, and the lessor reserves the right to obtain further compensation. A lessor who benefits from income from investment properties does not have the moral right to receive income from a tenant for the unused rental period, as long as sufficient notice is given. If you want to enter into a lease, either as a tenant or as a landlord, you can request an offer from Tan Ee Nin. You can also talk to a lawyer by booking a Quick Consult. If you receive a Quick Consult, a lawyer will call you back within 1-2 days for a transparent package of S$49 to answer your questions and give you practical legal guidance on your possible next steps. A basic lease agreement will likely contain the following provisions. .