« Litigation costs time and money, » said Francis Sarre, chair of BIMCO`s documentary committee. « We hope that this new agency representation contract will facilitate more fluid working practices and help avoid divergences between operators and agents across the industry. » In most cases, the clause will only be favourable to the client. The Contractor undertakes to exempt the Procuring Entity from all claims, penalties, costs and expenses, and to keep it harmless from any claim, penalty, costs and expenses resulting from its negligence or omission. In a balanced document, there should be a reciprocity clause in which the client commits to the agent any claims, costs, losses, etc. This, of course, reflects the relative strengths and bargaining positions of both parties, as well as the fact that competition between agents for a new appointment is often intense. Although the club recognises that commercial considerations are often important, it is clearly dangerous to accept provisions that could have serious negative consequences at a later stage. BIMCO Secretary General and Managing Director Angus Frew (pictured) has announced that he will resign. This usually works well until there is a dispute between the parties. In this case, it is usually the means that has the weakest hand and is left out of the pocket. The new model contract, which can be downloaded either from the FONASBA website or from the BIMCO website, was developed by the working group responsible for drawing up the agency`s occupancy agreement published earlier this year. .